Espriu. I Looked at this Land, 2012 > 2013 
[Temporary Exhibition]

In occasion of Espriu, the Year - 2013 commemorates the centenary of the birth of the author. The CCCB presents this exhibition in co-production with the Generalitat de Catalunya.The exhibition will present the journey of Espriu's life and its historical and cultural environment.

The mystical, committed and largely sarcastic poet points to the three aspects that are addressed in the script, a threefold personality that Espriu strategically arranged chronologically and thematically. First, the most intimate aspects. Then more social aspects. Finally, the most contemporary and current issues in the world of Espriu. Therefore the exhibition will present a gradual opening from the personal world towards the collective world. On a second level, relating to the more social aspects of the author (a committed poet), the exhibition will address his relationships with the Catalan people. Putting special emphasis on the evolution of his views, attitudes towards the various changes through history and his ethical legacy to the community.

The starting point should be to ask what brings Espriu to the readers of today? From this initial question, different aspects of his biography, his literary world, his career as a writer and the public impact of his work will be developed. The point of arrival must respond to this initial question and highlight the Espriu of today in a threefold perspective, that is proposed by the exhibition: the mythical and symbolic world, social significance and the irrepressible review.

Casa de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, CCCB
Barcelona, Spain
10.2013 > 03.2014
Idea and Original Screenplay: Xavier Bru de Sala
Executive Curator: Julian Guillamón
Exhibition Design: AV62 arquitectos
Collaborators: Paolo Calarco