Project to revive and develop the district of Kadhamiyah, Baghdad
First Prize of the International Competition, 2011

Proposal for getting the best planning and architectural solutions, for the area which surrounds the  Kadhimiya shrine within comprehensive concept integrated with the religious activities, habitation, commercial and social requirements of the visitors and the religious ceremonies and processions, which normally cause huge congestions, and to provide all the necessary services to the whole area.

The project aims to develop the shrine and its organic urban  context in a way reflexes its  past and present  organic urban past and present rich historic and spiritual values.

Kadhimiyah, Baghdad, Irak
Client: The Mayoralty of Baghdad
Date: 11.2009
Surface:490 Ha
Project: AV62 arquitectos (Victoria Garriga + Toño Foraster), Pedro Azara, Josep Llinás, Mawrid Architects
Collaborators: Blanca Pujals, Stefano Carnelli, Itziar Imaz
Model: Emanuela DiCarolo, Anna Larré
Renders: Luis Amorós
Video shooting: Pedro Azara