UReborn Mosul Plan for Urban conservation and Development, Irak 
Restricted International Competition, 2012

Mosul, 396 km north of Baghdad, is Iraq's 2nd largest city, a center for the tourist resorts of northern Iraq, and the north's major center for trade, industry and communications, with approximately 570,000 inhabitants. Situated in the northwestern part of the country, on the west bank of Tigris, and close to the ruined Assyrian city of Nineveh. Mosul is called Um Al-Rabi'ain (The City of Two Springs), because autumn and spring are very much alike there. It is also named Al-Faiha (The Paradise), Al-Khadhra (The Green), and Al-Hadba (The Humped), and sometimes described as the Pearl of the North.

Mosul: a model for the future revitalization of Irak Old Cities. Presentation of our methodology for planning and implementation named Reborn Mosul  to make Mousel a new model of success that can compete in beauty, economic vitality and quality of life with cities like Aleppo, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla and become a reference in which to watch the rest of Iraqi cities in the process of renewal.

The city itself due to its quality and uniqueness can generate the resources to ensure a great economic and social welfare and a huge cultural wealth that encourages knowledge sharing.

Location: Mosul, Irak
Client: Governorate of  Mosul
Date: 01.2012
Project: AV62 arquitectos (Victoria Garriga + Toño Foraster), Pedro García del Barrio, Pedro Azara
Collaborators: Blanca Pujals, Stefano Carnelli, Daria Luce, Nuno Lopes
Renders: Luis Alfonso de la Fuente