Developing the Banks of Tigris River in Baghdad, Iraq, 2014

The open areas, parks, walking green areas, water bodies and entertainment events are considered to be an essential part of the activities of modern cities. There is a need to continue providing such places in several areas of the city, so that they can be easily accessible and reachable, as well as its capability to cover the needs of the population. It is no secret that these places represent an essential part of the urban land use. Everyone knows that one of the main problems that Baghdad faces nowadays is the receding greenery and entertainment events throughout the city, as well as the neglection of the Tigris
River and not taking advantage of it to create a balanced urban environment. The river could play a key role at this level, because it represents one of the most prominent environmental landmarks in the city of Baghdad.

We firmly believe that project for developing the Tigris banks of the Tigris river, is a challenge and an opportunity to give back to the river its importance in the articulation and creation of urban structures in Iraq. This project could be understood as a pilot project, that will show different ways for developing the banks of the river, connected with the city - cities and with the nature and landscape. As a main concept to link all the actions of << the project for developing of the banks of the Tigris river >>, we are going to develop a leisure- cultural - religious facilities plan that will relate and make interactive the tigris to baghdad and to baghdadis.

The study area includes the banks of the Tigris River on the sides of Karkh and Rusafa and within the following areas:
• The path of the river within the boundaries of the Municipality of Baghdad
• The path of the river for a distance of 10 km before entering the limits of the Municipality of Baghdad
• The path of the river for a distance of 10 km after leaving the limits of the Municipality of Baghdad.

We are aware of some difficult characteristics of the study area:
• Existence of many constructions on the river.
• Lack of open spaces on the banks of the river, which reduces the opportunities to take advantage of the river for recreational purposes.
• Lack of a clear plan from the state to expropriate the banks of the river, add to this, that a large proportion of the property overlooking the banks of the river back belongs to the private sector.
• Existence of a great diversity of land uses that overlooks the river.
• Possibility of conflict between development plans of the banks of the river with the nature of the land uses.


Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Client: The Municipality of Baghdad
Date: 05.2014
Project: AV62 arquitectos (Victoria Garriga + Toño Foraster)
Collaborators: Samantha Sgueglia, Charlene Gilmour, Vana Haklička, Dora Popić
Giulia Biggi, Cláudia Silva, Graça Barbosa