Trenčin, City of Design, Slovakia
Finalist Project of the International Open Competition, 2014

The main objective of this project was to transform Trencin into a new, autonomous and sustainable city.
To do this, it was proposed to adopt a comprehensive approach to the proposal that goes beyond urban design, also encompassing socio-economic and cultural issues. This revitalization program was not considered abstract, since it had to be precisely installed in the morphological structure of the city, interrelated with the existing social framework.

The project included the following:
1. Main concept (spatial and conceptual): Trčncin Target Image
2. Strategic Plan / Urban Design: Definition of the physical intervention and uses

Taking into account the peculiarities of Trčncin, the specific objectives of the proposal are:
A. Serve as a guide for the creation of a future recognizable and encouraging image of the city of Trencin.
B. Help in the identification and definition of the approach to mixed use, providing a vision of Trencin as a city with its own and recognizable identity, and also as a destination city.
C. Provide a high environmental and landscape quality that manages to make the city a place to invest and that consequently generates substantial benefits for local residents.

Key values provided by the project:
- Identify and define an appropriate mixed-use approach for Trencin, based on reflecting the diversity of the city's cultural, social, economic, and natural resources.
- Generate an attractive, modern, sustainable and physical transformation proposal for Trencin, giving it life but maintaining the connection with its identity.
- Propose and assign models and programs that contribute to the social, cultural and economic revitalization of the city, offering a varied and balanced proposal for an equally diverse range of market groups

Client: Trenčín Municipality
Date: 2014
Project: AV62 arquitectos (Victoria Garriga + Toño Foraster)
Collaborators: Samantha Sgueglia, Vana Haklička, Dora Popić, Charlene Gilmour
Giulia Biggi, Cláudia Silva, Graça Barbosa